5 Dental Myths – True or False

We hear different dental myths almost everyday! Here we give our take on the most common ones


1. It’s always best to brush your teeth straight after eating

We would always recommend waiting at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth after eating, brushing straight away can ruin the tooth natural enamel.

2. Mouthwash should be used in between daily brushing if required and not after brushing

Mouthwash is great to freshen your breath but is not required after brushing – leave the toothpaste to do the hard work!

3. Only fizzy drinks with sugar are bad for my teeth 

ALL fizzy drinks can damage your teeth, this even includes fizzy water! The carbonic acid in fizzy drinks can erode your teeth over time . If you are going to have the odd fizzy drink make this at meal time!

4. Never rise your mouth with water after brushing, it can wash away the fluoride that has been left of your teeth by the toothpaste.

We recommend ‘spit don’t rinse’ .Fluoride helps prevent cavities.


5. Using a hard toothbrush cleans teeth more thoroughly

A soft toothbrush, used effectively cleans teeth better and at a lower risk to gum damage and enamel loss.