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Exciting Job Opportunity for a Dental Hygienist/Therapist

We have an exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic dental hygienist/therapist to join our lovely team at Dental Excellence, located in the idyllic village of Chalfont St Giles.

If you or someone you know would like to work in a state of the art private dental     practice with flexible hours, then call us on 01494 876128 or send your CV to our    practice manager:



Why some healthy foods can be bad for your teeth….


They say you are what you eat. And in no better place can that be seen than in your teeth. That’s because many foods and drinks can cause plaque, which does serious damage your teeth. Plaque is a bacteria-filled sticky film that contributes to gum disease and tooth decay. After you eat a sugary snack or meal, the sugars cause the bacteria to release acids that attack tooth’s enamel. When the enamel breaks down, cavities can develop.

Trying to find a ‘healthy diet’ continues to be a modern day minefield, so here are a few foods to eat in moderation….

Citrus fruits – Oranges, grapefruits, and lemons are tasty as both fruits and juices, and are packed with vitamin C. But their acid content can erode enamel, making teeth more vulnerable to decay. Even squeezing a lemon or lime into water adds acid to a drink.  If you want to get a dose of their antioxidants and vitamins, eat and drink them in moderation at mealtime and rinse with water afterward. Lots of people now drink lemon flavoured water during the day to ensure they stay hydrated, whilst this is super healthy for your body, it is extremely damaging to your teeth. You could use an alternative like fresh mint or cucumber.

Dried fruits – You likely assume that dried fruits are a healthy snack. That may be true, but many   dried fruits — apricots, prunes, figs, and raisins, to name a few — are sticky. They get stuck and cling in the teeth and their crevices, leaving behind lots of sugar. If you do like to eat dried fruits, make sure you rinse your mouth with water, and then brush and floss after. And because they’re less concentrated with sugar, it is a better choice to eat the fresh versions instead!

Diet fizzy drinks – We all know that little, if any, good comes from fizzy drinks, even if it’s got the word “diet” on the can. A recent study even found that drinking large quantities of carbonated soda could be as damaging to your teeth as using methamphetamine and crack cocaine. Carbonated sodas enable plaque to produce more acid to attack tooth enamel. So if you sip fizzy drinks all day, you’re essentially coating your teeth in acid. Plus it dries out your mouth, meaning you have less saliva. And last but not least, dark-colored drinks can discolor or stain your teeth.

Smoothies – There is a huge craze for smoothies in the UK at the moment, and whilst there is no doubt that they are packed with vitamins, minerals and hydration meaning they are super healthy for your body and skin, they are also packed with fruit sugars which can cause tooth decay. You might want to consider using more veggies in your smoothies and sweetening them with a little apple or pear rather than pineapple, mangoes or melon which are extremely high in sugars.

Dr Sarovi Drone on BBC Radio London!!

Dental Excellence have some

exciting news to share!!

Our very own general dentist and periodontist, Dr Sarovi Drone, will be featuring on BBC Radio London on 4th June 2017 at 10am as a dental expert giving exciting dental advice to the general public!

Tune in and show your support for the fantastic Sarovi!!


10 Reasons Why You May Suffer From Tooth Pain


Toothaches have become the most common dental problems these days. Many patients visit a good dentist to get rid of tooth ache and overcome such problems. Several factors may be the reason for tooth pain. It occurs when dental problems persist for some time and create a bigger issue. By availing early treatment, you can prevent toothache and prevent the condition from getting worse. Take a look at the following reasons why someone suffers from tooth pain:

  1. Tooth decay – Tooth decay starts with cavities which affect the enamel. Once, the decay damages the enamel, it advances towards dentine, causing you pain and sensitivity. Finally, it reaches the innermost layer of tooth called pulp initiating sharp toothache.
  2. Gum problem – You may encounter inflammation, redness and bleeding gums along with tooth pain due to gum disease. It is recommended to visit a dental expert as soon as possible else, gums and bones may get damaged. A dentist may suggest you to undergo gum treatment to clean bacteria and prevent further damage to the gums and adjacent bones.
  3. Injuries or fractures – You may suffer from cracked or chipped teeth due to an injury from accident, sports, eating something hard and whatsoever. Severe tooth ache occurs when the fracture is extended to the middle of the tooth where nerve endings are there. There may be times when you may not experience pain in spite of having cracks in your tooth. Your dental expert may suggest picking fractured teeth before it causes any problem.
  4. Damaged dental fillings – Dental fillings can protect sensitive parts of the tooth. Due to damaged fillings, the sensitive areas are exposed to food particles, pressure, bacteria and temperature. You can experience pain and sensitivity during chewing.
  5. Teeth grinding – Teeth grinding causes toothache, pain in the jaw, neck and other muscles. You might not realise the problem as it occurs involuntarily during sleep. A dental expert advises to wear a customised mouth guard during sleep to solve your tooth pain problem.
  6. Incorrect brushing and flossing – Some people put too much pressure on teeth during brushing and flossing that causes the gums to bleed. When you apply excess pressure for a long time, this can cause your gums to be shrunk and damaged teeth thus, resulting in pain.
  7. Tooth sensitivity due to temperature – If you experience tooth pain during or after eating cold or hot foods or drinks, this may lead to tooth sensitivity. Your enamel may be damaged and the dentine may get exposed. The end part of the nerves stays over there that create tooth sensitivity by coming into contact with anything.
  8. Misaligned wisdom teeth – You may experience toothache during eruption of wisdom teeth. Misaligned wisdom teeth cannot erupt through the gum line which leads to inflammation and severe pain below the gum. You may contact dental professional for emergency dental care and treatment.
  9. Dental abscess – Due to gum problems or dead nerve, you may suffer from dental abscess. It is chronic and produced around the teeth. Sometimes it develops excessive pain and swelling. It is suggested to visit a dentist soon as abscess is a kind of infection that can damage your overall health condition.
  10. Inflammation of sinus – You may suffer from toothache when the sinuses get inflamed due to common cold or flu. In this condition, you will develop a range of symptoms in upper teeth that include sensitivity, pressure and constant pain.

By reading this blog, you will come to know about the reasons of tooth pain that can cause serious discomfort and tooth sensitivity. It is recommended to brush your teeth two times, floss once and undergo regular check-ups to improve your oral hygiene and reduce the risks of toothache.



Poor Oral Hygiene And The Body

Most people think that poor oral hygiene only causes problems in the mouth and unfortunately, this is not the case. Have a look at the real truths about just how many different problems poor oral hygiene can cause around the body.

These problems can be easily avoided by attending the dentist regularly for routine examinations and seeing the hygienist regularly for those refreshing cleans!!

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