Top Reasons To Choose Dental Implants

Losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience for anyone and can be lost as a result of trauma, decay, gum disease or old age. For patients who have missing teeth, eating, chewing and the normal everyday functions that we take for granted can be difficult, uncomfortable and sometimes downright embarrassing

Whether you need to have one or several teeth replaced, or require support for a full denture, dental implants are the modern, effective and long-term solution.


  1. Dental implants are both aesthetic and functional; they look and feel like your own natural teeth, allowing you to smile and eat with comfort and confidence.
  2. When a tooth is lost, the bones and gums around the area will shrink, causing the lips and cheeks to collapse inwards. Dental implants replace the root and prevent bone loss because the bone locks on to the implant.
  3. Implants need to be cleaned just like your natural teeth but they are easier to look after than bridges.
  4. Traditional bridges are fitted by grinding down the adjacent, healthy teeth and this may cause long term damage to them. Bridges supported by dental implants do not rely on neighbouring teeth for support.
  5. Dentures can be uncomfortable and often feel insecure. Dental implants can hold dentures securely in place without the need for pastes and adhesives.
  6. Dental implants have been in use for over thirty years, and can last a lifetime.

Still unsure?

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