Why You Should Introduce Children To The Dentist At A Young Age

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Whilst some of us may develop phobias about visiting the dentist, possibly due to a previous bad experience with another dentist; for many of us, it is a fear that builds up over a long period of time, and may possibly start when we are very young. In some cases, this dental phobia may even be passed on, accidentally, by parents who are afraid of the dentist themselves!

Parents will always want the best for their children, and will want them to have healthy and attractive teeth. If children develop a fear of the dentist, they may go on to avoid appointments, allowing their teeth to deteriorate.

Bring them to see us early on

Some studies have indicated that taking children to the dentist very early on in life allows them to get used to the smells and sounds of the dental practice. The idea of this is that dental visits will then seem to be perfectly normal and nothing to be feared. Whilst there is no fixed age at which you should first bring a child, the general feeling is that around the time of their first birthday is probably a good time, as it is early enough for them to start to take things in, but too early for any treatment to be needed. Doing this will provide them with a gentle introduction to the Dental Excellence team.